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Discover how to make Social Media work for your business | taught by Darren Hignett
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Tushar J.

There's a lot to learn in social media but this covers what I need to know

Archie West


Sue Little

Handy tips on scheduling visual content

Tushar J.

Archie West

Sue Little

Mike Edwards

It doesn't show you how to do the basics of social media such as set up Twitter but there's some really useful info on how to schedule content, make it visual and run a Facebook ads campaign that will work.

Darren Hignett
Darren Hignett
Marketing Expert (and owner of Think Twice Marketing)

About the instructor

Darren has over 20 years experience in marketing and is passionate about helping businesses improve their sales and marketing results.

He is Google Adwords certified including having passed the Google Mobile Adwords and Google Analytics exams and has lots of knowledge - and experience - in creating marketing plans as well as using channels such as Social media for business and email marketing.

Darren is also the author of a number of established marketing books including #BOOSTMYBUSINESS: 150 Quick And Easy Ways To Grow Your Business Using Social Media and How To Create A Perfect Landing Page.

His business, Think Twice Marketing, is about challenging the way you do marketing to ensure you repeatedly get better - and great - results from marketing activities. The courses provided are designed to help you challenge the conventional wisdom so that you only focus on what gets results for your business.

If you want your business to succeed in today's modern marketing, become a Think Twice marketer with Think Twice Marketing courses.

All courses include a certification at the end.

This course includes the latest tools and tricks to make posting content as effective as possible while maximising the amount of people that will see your post. The course also includes how to set up a Facebook Ads campaign with tips to get the best results.

For more details on the course content, see the full curriculum below.

Save time, generate more revenue and reach more customers with this social media course for businesses.

Course Contents

13 Videos
2 Quizzes
8 Texts
3.0 hrs