Course Description

Did you know that an effective landing page can triple or double your sales!

This course highlights the difference between a conventional website that looks good and a landing page that is focused on converting visitors in to paying customers.

Content includes how to create a strong call to action, what to consider when it comes to the layout, what content to use and much more.

Marketing Expert (and owner of Think Twice Marketing)

Darren Hignett

Darren has over 20 years experience in marketing and is passionate about helping businesses improve their sales and marketing results.He is Google Adwords certified including having passed the Google Mobile Adwords and Google Analytics exams and has lots of knowledge - and experience - in creating marketing plans as well as using channels such as Social media for business and email marketing.Darren is also the author of a number of established marketing books including #BOOSTMYBUSINESS: 150 Quick And Easy Ways To Grow Your Business Using Social Media and How To Create A Perfect Landing Page.His business, Think Twice Marketing, is about challenging the way you do marketing to ensure you repeatedly get better - and great - results from marketing activities. The courses provided are designed to help you challenge the conventional wisdom so that you only focus on what gets results for your business.If you want your business to succeed in today's modern marketing, become a Think Twice marketer with Think Twice Marketing courses.All courses include a certification at the end.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    The Key Elements Of A Successful Landing Page

    • 2 Key Elements To Focus On

    • Examples Of Great Landing Pages

    • Examples Of Poor Landing Pages

  • 3

    Your Landing Page Content

    • How Important Is Content?

    • Landing Page Structure

    • Social Proof

    • Power Words That Convert

    • Call To Action Top Tips

    • Landing Page Content Quiz

    • Content Summary

  • 4

    Beyond The Call To Action: What Next?

    • Different Post-CTA Activities

    • Landing Page Email Automation

    • Beyond The Call To Action: Summary

    • Ways To Promote Your Landing Page

  • 5

    Tools To Make Life Easier (And Lead Generation More Effective!)

    • Creating Images And eBooks

    • Integration Tools

    • Email And Other Powerful Marketing Tools


5 star rating

Tells you everything you need to know to create a landing...

Tushar J.

5 star rating

Great advice on how to capture leads on your website!

D. Langstone

5 star rating

I didn't realise how bad my site was until I took this co...

Mike Edwards

Found this course really helpful at explaining how a site should be designed around getting the customer to make an enquiry or make a purchase rather than lo...

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Found this course really helpful at explaining how a site should be designed around getting the customer to make an enquiry or make a purchase rather than looking good just for the sake of it! It looks like I have a bit of work to do to get my website more effective...

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